There’s nothing like attending a baby expo to get an expectant parent’s imagination inspired. From the latest styles in maternity wear through test tracks for strollers, a baby show will open up a wealth of possibilities for anyone shopping for baby gear, and is one of any convention centre’s most charming and attractive exhibitions.

It goes without saying that the latest in baby furniture will be among the popular items on display. Whether you’re fitting out a brand new nursery or adding necessary items to one already in use, the baby expo will provide you with an astonishing array of new ideas.

Thoroughly Modern Sleeping Arrangements
Convertible cribs continue to draw attention at the baby expo. These versatile pieces of furniture are easily transformed into beds for toddlers when the time comes. Since convertible cribs are built to last a while, they’ve become less infant-oriented. Instead, they’re now featuring designs that have minimal baby frills and maximum style. Solid hardwood construction is a popular choice, with dark mahogany and cherry topping the list.

Changing Tables, Dressers, and Nursery Storage
A truly charming trend showcased at baby shows is the changing table interpreted as a classic dresser. Here too, solid hardwood construction is a favorite choice. Vintage design makes it easy to forget that a piece like this is meant for changing diapers: only the wooden rail around the top gives it away.

Dressers for the nursery don’t have to be stand-alone. Trending is the building of drawers into the bottom of cribs, allowing for handy and quick access to baby linens and other needs.

Storage bins are real necessities in the nursery: clean clothes, dirty clothes, bedding, toys, towels, all need to be readily available. Nursery bins don’t have to be boring, however. Check out some of the “industrial chic” metal bins on casters, lined with baby-themed fabric in cute colors and designs. Or what about the roomy canvas storage units that slip over the end of a crib, equipped with multiple pockets to keep items tidy and at the ready? Look for storage pieces that can grow with baby: transportable diaper caddies, for example, with a drawer or two, able to be transformed into toy carriers after a few years.

High Chairs
You can expect that multiple uses are determining the new designs in high chairs when you visit the baby expo. Many of the new chairs are constructed to sit on a counter top as well as to fit the dining table. Classic hardwood design vies with heavy-duty plastic molded to give baby a truly comfortable position. Metal chairs pick up an “industrial” theme, while wicker adds a touch of vintage and “shabby chic” charm. If you want to learn more, The BabyTime Show is a helpful website with lots of information and resources.